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Strauss Concerts Vienna

"So this is how Strauss's music really sounded over 100 years ago!"

"The Strauss Concert Hall in the Casino Zögernitz
breathes music. The hall's acoustics embrace
musicians and audience."

Aris Alexander Blettenberg
Pianist & Conductor

“It's an astonishing realization
that the concert hall itself is acoustics,
and itself sounds as a whole."

Jörg Birhance

Authentic Strauss
concerts with drama
and multimedia show

High-quality classical concerts
in the legendary acoustics
of the original Strauss concert hall.

House of Strauss
Döblinger Hauptstraße 76
1190 Wien


VIP: 125,-
Category A: 85,-
Category B: 65,-

For inquiries,
please contact us at:

Concert tickets
Geige House Of Strauss | Violine

Vienna, as a world city of music, has a history like no other city. To experience this history, you have to come to Vienna and immerse yourself in its special quality and history. The Strauss Hall, as the original venue, is a phenomena in terms of sound.

"The Zögernitz hall brings concert atmosphere with it on its own, even without an audience. When playing, you feel that excitement, the inspiration, as in a concert, because the space, with its atmosphere, immediately returns the sound experience to you. It's alive!"

Lidia Baich - Violinist