The revitalisation is a true matter of heart for us! Every memeber of our team has their own very personal connection the old casino, it’s history and what it stands for.


The Casino Zögernitz will once again be a lievley venue, where the „Viennese Art of Living“, including classical light music and fine cuisine can be experienced at the highest level.It will be one of the places that manifest Vienna‘s reputation as „Capitol of Music“.


Celebrate the moment

In Vienna we have matsered the art ease. House of Strauss aims to transport this Viennese serenity into the world.

 the moment

Research and record

We aim to make the Strauss dynasy‘s musical magic tangible and lighten up it‘s creation within the historical context.

 and record

Foster musical excellence

We offer courses for young musicians to master their craft and the right stage to present themselves.

Foster musical 

Project Team

  • Hermann Rauter
    Hermann Rauter
  • Tim Rauter
    Tim Rauter
  • Haryot Singh
    Haryot Singh
  • Georg Brennwald
    Georg Brennwald


Among others, we are working with the world’s most renowned Strauss experts, 19th century music researchers and Austrian institutions.

  • Herztraum
  • WSF Wiener Institut für Strauss Forschung
  • Wien Jetzt Für Immer
  • Sammlung Reichenauer
  • Maco Simonis Urban Appetite
  • EMIV
  • architektur denis košutić
  • BDA
  • Georg Brennwald
  • Atelier Brückner
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